Pablo Escobar’s Legacy, 22 Years After His Death

Orsetta Bellani, Americas Program (Photo: O.B.)

Don Federico sweeps the edge of Pablo Escobar’s black marble tomb. He tells me that, a long time ago, he was selling ice cream at Medellin’s Monte Sacro cemetery, when Alba Marina Escobar, Pablo’s sister, approached him. She offered him the job of taking care of the former head of the Medellin Cartel’s grave, and she promised him a good salary. He enthusiastically accepted. Continue reading…

Colombia: Moving towards a change in the politics against drug trafficking?

Orsetta Bellani, El Reportero (Photo: O.B.)

Colombia is a cocaine producing country. Seventy percent of the cocaine produced is exported to the United States. We are concerned about the cocaine production and the role the Colombian guerrillas and the paramilitary have in the business, and what strategies the government is employing to face it. In this interview with Daniel Mejía Londoño, the director of the Center of Studies on Security and Drugs at the University of the Andes of Bogotá. Continue reading…

The coca leaf is not cocaine

Orsetta Bellani, El Reportero (Photo: O.B.)

The coca leaf is not cocaine, but a key plant in the culture of Andean peoples. Jorge Ronderos Valderrama, a professor at the University of Caldas (Colombia) and coordinator of the research team and the magazine “Culture and drugs” asserts this. Valderrama spoke with Orsetta Ronderos Bellani, contributor with El Reportero in San Francisco.

Continue reading…