“They took them alive, we want them back alive”

Orsetta Bellani, Latinamerica Press (Photo: O.B.)

In Mexico, the so-called escuelas normales rurales are pedagogical institutes where the children of poor farmers study to be teachers to new generations of campesinos. There are only 15 in the country, and they are known for their students’ commitment to social and political issues. But for the government, these institutes are a breeding ground for guerrillas.

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Zapatistas march for Ayotzinapa in San Cristobal

Orsetta Bellani, Americas Program (Photo: O.B.)

The 20,000 members of the bases of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation marched briskly through San Cristobal de las Casas on October 8. They gathered on the outskirts of the city, under a blue sky stained with clouds that threateend rain and then walked in long, orderly lines toward the central plaza of the city. The long river of Zapatistas moved fluidly and silently; the only sound was the steps of their shoes and boots. They carried signs that read “Your rage is ours”, “Your pain is our pain” and “You are not alone”. Continue reading…